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2022 Going Forward

Some updates on a few projects.

- Vancouver Innovation, Technology and Arts Elementary School will be complete spring 2022 (GC: Robertson & Olson Construction)

- Vancouver School of Arts Academy will be complete spring 2022(GC: Woodburn Construction)

- Fairview Food Carts will be complete spring 2022 (GC: P&C Construction)

Ongoing projects due to complete after summer of 2022

- Art Rutkin Elementary School (New School - GC: P&C Construction)

- Wilsonville High School Auditorium & Addition (GC: Todd Construction)

- Wy' East Middle School (New School - GC: Todd Construction)

- Burton Elementary School (New School - GC: Woodburn Construction)

- Baker Prairie Middle School Upgrades (GC: Brockamp & Jaeger Inc.)

- Carus Elementary School Upgrades (GC: Brockamp & Jaeger Inc.)

- Vose Elementary School Additions (GC: R.A. Gray Construction)


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